Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Orleans Home Mortgage Citizen Opinion

Outside of the comment box, I don't expect it to become a practice of New Orleans Home Mortgage to post readers opinions. But for some reason this email I received struck a chord. I can sense the frustration and confusion that surrounds the market that affects the city today.

Dear New Orleans Home Mortgage,
Recently news organizations are reporting an upturn in the economy. You have to stop for a minute and wonder on what they are basing their information. Especially when you consider numbers and percentages can be manipulated to support just about any position.
It’s also being said that one in eight American mortgage loan holders are in foreclosure or behind on mortgage loan payments during the second quarter.

Perhaps foreclosures starts have slowed regarding sub-prime mortgage loans. You know, the mortgage loans being blamed for the most recent banking crisis. If those people responsible for the crisis were to come clean, they would admit their culpability. Don’t believe for one second they didn’t know exactly what they were doing. I’m not referring to those working to sell the loans. They were pawns in a much larger game. I’m talking about the people responsible for setting up the programs in the first place. By now the public at large should start to see clearly just how abused and manipulated we all are by politicians and the corporate banking system just to name a few.

But, I digress.

Currently loans extended to people with good credit are deteriorating more often as home prices continue to fall and job loss and unemployment affect more and more Americans. The credit card companies have been putting the squeeze on those of us with exceptional credit. Raising our interest rates while simultaneously lowering our available credit; they’ve essentially changed the rules during the game and we’re the only ones expected to live by them regardless of the consequences. Again, they know exactly what they’re doing and what the outcome will be. Changing the rules on the general public is nothing new. What should be new is our position and absolute refusal to accept the status quo.

Why does the burden of all the greed and mistakes of so many consistently fall to the public at large to bear. Specifically those of us, who have always played by the rules, paid our bills and worked hard our whole lives.

I don’t know about you, but this beast of burden has had enough.
Just Wanted to Vent

Dear Just Wanted to Vent,

Your frustration is fully justified. We here in New Orleans have been through a lot particularly since Katrina. We have missed some opportunities to truly change the direction of a city that had seen its better day’s decades earlier. But we can’t spend our time dwelling on the spilled milk. As this city continues to move in a positive direction I see new faces that have a fresh attitude and aren’t corrupted by the decisions of the past. I look forward to the work that lies ahead. As I am sure you do too.

New Orleans Home Mortgage

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